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998 Old Danville Rd. - Auburn, Maine

Alphonse T. and Arthur J. Auger
Auger's Landing
Work Shop turns into Art Gallery

  History of GreenWood Gallery  

About Us: GreenWood Gallery was founded in 2014 by Anita F. Poulin . The building, now housing the gallery, belonged to the founders great-grandfather and was used as a work shop located on the west shore of Lake Auburn, in Auburn, Maine. The building is where Alphonse T. Auger and his son, Arthur J. Auger would sit and plan out the chores for the day. It's where Arthur engineered the first expansion dock ever used on Lake Auburn.  The location was named Auger's Landing where ferry boats traveling from the east shore to the west shore would dock to drop off and pick up passengers who worked at the west Auburn shoe shop and dairy farms. This building was also used as a gathering place for hunters to warm up, play cards, butcher their deer, bear or moose. On any given weekend, the building would sway with the music created by several of the talented family musicians and friends. 

The building has now been retired to the Old Danville community where Alphonse T. Auger's great-grand daughter, Anita F. Poulin, uses the building to exhibit the fine art she creates as well as the art from many of Maine's talented artists. 

  Gallery location: 998 Old Danville Rd., Auburn, ME - 207-782-5118  
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