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Portfolio 2021

Updated: Apr 23

It has been a great year for making art!

It is my great pleasure to invite you to view this year's portfolio titled Portfolio 2021.

To visit Portfolio 2021 online, please click on image or on the following link:

Click on the book icon!

This book is my fifth portfolio and is the first time I have made my portfolio available for the public to see online. In the book is a selection of this year's art that may be viewed online at your convenience.

The book is put together in categories:


House Portraits

Pet Portraits

Nature Paintings

Still Life Paintings

Abstract Paintings

Free to be Me Art

Computer Generated Art

Mandela Art

Tessellations Art

Pyrography Art

The art is for sale. If you are interested in any of the art pieces please contact me by email at: or give me a call at 207-782-5118

I also accept commissions for Pet Portraits, House Portraits, and other works of art Ex: murals.

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