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 The story behind the painting . . . 

The Old Yellow Truck

"Yellow Bird"

the Old Yellow Truck

If this old yellow truck could talk, it would tell you the story about the young man who bought it when he was only 17, naming it "Yellow Bird".


It would tell how it took that young man and his new bride on their Niagara Falls honeymoon. How the young man drove it to take his very pregnant wife to the hospital during a Maine nor'easter and for many years transported the family to church services every Sunday and yearly chauffeured Veterans in style during Memorial Day Parades.


This old yellow truck is now settled next to the homestead's barn surrounded by the lupine flowers the owners wife dearly loved.


"Yellow Bird" now rests, memorializing the man who owned it so many years ago. - Anita F. Poulin


                  Gallery location: 998 Old Danville Rd., Auburn, ME - 207-782-5118                  
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